the NAPV

The North Apennines - Po Valley Park (NAPV) is a WWII theme park created to preserve the memory of an often forgotten phase of that conflict: the Italian campaign after the liberation of Rome.

The NAPV is the result of the joint effort by the Gotica Toscana NPA Documentation and Historical Research Center at Ponzalla, near Florence, the WWII Along the Po River Museum at Felonica, near Mantua, the Liberation Memorial Museum in Bologna, and the Winter Line Museum at Livergnano, in the Apennines region. These four exhibition and research centers are placed along the main axis of advance of the Allied armies during the “North Apennines” and “Po Valley” campaigns of WWII - hence the chosen name.

The NAPV also constitutes a network of museums and research facilities dedicated to the promotion of guided historical tourism for an international audience. Scholars, researchers, interested visitors, schools, etc., with the help of expert staffs, will find multimedia sources, as well as displays and collections of original objects, to further their knowledge of the war in Italy and the people and soldiers who lived through it.